When did Longboarding become so popular, and why?

 Longboards have been around for a long time, but their popularity increased massively seven years ago - just around 2010 or so, but they’ve been around since the 1950s.  Originating in Hawaii (of course, right?), they rapidly made their way to California where they instantly became the new famous trend among the surfer community. Many surfers resorted to longboarding on the roads beside the beach when the waves were too weak or too strong.  On the sidewalk, the wave never (well, almost) had to end - hence the phrase: The Endless Wave!  

Since then, it has became extremely popular all over the world from Europe to America, and all the way to Asia, because it is a great way to get around from one place to another for short or longer distances - and have lots of fun doing it.  Even a boring commute to / from work can be relaxing and exciting on a longboard.  Best part of all, it’s a very green form of transportation, so you’re even helping the environment when you’re on your board.  

Apart from being able to quickly get from point A to point B, longboarding is also a very relaxing activity to do and a great form of stress relief.  It is an amazing way to get that exercise in while having a lot of fun getting around. Trust me when I say that it works just as well - if not better as that morning coffee.  It is also great for the body because it strengthens your heart and helps increase your stamina. On top of that, it is also a social sport and even movement, which allows you to meet lots of fun people who enjoy longboarding as much as you do.

That’s all fine, but isn’t it difficult to learn?

I always get the question if it’s difficult to learn and if people over 30 can still learn this amazing sport.  To answer both questions... Trust me when I tell you that if I can do it, you shouldn’t have any trouble with it either.  Though there’s a bit of a learning curve (especially after 30),  learning to ride it is a lot easier than learning to ride a skateboard because Longboards are much more stable and provide a significantly smoother ride.  Due to the bigger and softer wheels, they’re also faster as well, which means they don’t require as much pushing and the increased speed - once you feel comfortable on the board - only ups the fun-factor.  

Due to the easy accessibility and lower learning curve compared to regular skateboards, more and more people are getting into Longboarding all over the world - whether it’s for exercise, or for exploring a city on four wheels, for walking with your dog, having some fund with the family, or for getting to and from places easily, there are many reasons why longboarding is exploding in popularity right now.  

Ranging from transportation to exercise and a form of stress relief, longboarding has numerous benefits, which helps to explain why it has become so wildly popular for all age groups all over the world. We’ve taken a look at some of the more popular reasons of it’s popularity, but there’s yet another benefit to consider, namely that you can also bring your longboard almost anywhere you want, which saves you the risk of it being stolen because you’re always carrying it with you - inside stores, to your office, etc. These boards usually weigh no more than 5kg, so they’re very easy to carry around.  

So, now you know when and why longboarding became so popular.  Now its up to you to share this popularity with your friends, co-workers and family and help to make this amazing sport even more popular in your Ward, your town, your city, and your neighborhood.  Join the global trend now by taking a look at our current selection and find the perfect board for you.  

Till next time!  



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