Cruisers vs Surfskates, What’s the Difference?

A plank of wood with two trucks (axles) and four wheels. Yes, a skateboard is easy to define, but even though all boards share this basic setup, that’s where the similarities end. There are several different kinds of boards to choose from, ranging from Longboards to Cruisers, to Surfskates. Let’s take a look at each and their respective differences and uses. In order to make this comparison, we need to establish a baseline to compare to, so let’s start by looking at longboards. Longboards Let’s start with the big daddies; longboards are what most people getting into these kinds of board sports start with and for the most part prefer to ride. They come in different shapes and sizes for different purposes. Longboards are often used for longer distances or for commuting in a busy city, but can also offer more extreme situations like racing downhill, for instance - reaching speeds well upwards of 50km/h. Not everyone wants to be a speed demon, however, so Longboards are also perfect for relaxed carving along next to rivers, around lakesides, or pretty much anywhere there’s good asphalt at the ready. Longboarding comes as close to surfing as it possibly gets, with the exception of surfskates, which we’ll get into a bit later. Of all the different types of boards available, longboards offer the smoothest, most stable, most relaxed ride. Unlike regular skateboards, rocks and rough roads aren’t a problem for longboards with their stable decks and big wheels. The downside to that stability is that longboards are heavier as a result, and thus a bit awkward to carry around. Cruisers A cruiser, such as the Landyachtz Dinghy Blunt is a shorter, more nimble board, which is meant to transport you from point A to B within shorter distances. Cruisers are great for commuting, or just rolling around the city for short distances. They are also very portable. They don’t take up much space and you can carry them pretty much everywhere with you with ease. Due to their smaller size, they are also quite maneuverable and responsive, so it’s easier to avoid obstacles and especially people much more easily. This portability and nimbleness comes at the cost of stability, however. Though still quite comfortable to ride, cruiser boards aren’t as stable as their big counterparts. Cruiser board Some important points to know: Cruisers... Come in various shapes and sizes ranging from 25” to 37”. Are smaller and much lighter than longboards Are more responsive, so it’s easier to do quick, tight turns Feature softer wheels to deal with the various terrains you might encounter in a city. Have at least one kick-tail, so you can get up (and down) curbs easily. Allow for quick acceleration So, with all that in mind, it’s easy to see why cruisers are a great choice for that short commute, or to cruise around campus with, or especially as a last-mile transportation option in the city - or just to have some fun with. Who are Cruisers for? These types of boards are ideal for people who have to do a lot of walking to/from stations or from their cars, or for those who quickly need to get somewhere within shorter distances. They’re also great to take with you while you’re exploring new areas of your city, or while visiting other cities. They’re great boards to take with you while walking the dog, that quick Kombini run, or for that relaxed cruise along the riverside. In short, cruisers are the ideal “take anywhere” boards. If you’re interested in in getting a high-quality cruiser, check our current selection in the shop. Surfskates Looking a lot like a cruiser board, but offering a very different ride characteristic, a surf skate is basically a cruiser board which gives you the feeling of surfing on land. Surfskates have special trucks that dramatically increase carving ability - basically simulating how a surf shortboard moves on a wave - leading to a real surf feeling wherever you want. Pumping - or quickly moving from side to side - is the name of the game with these boards, and you can really move without pushing too much. It’s quite a workout, but Surfskates are a ton of fun to ride. The front trucks are usually quite a bit larger than those on regular boards, and are mounted on a rotating arm. While normal trucks only rotate their kingpin axis, Surfskate trucks rotate on an additional axis of rotation, thus allowing for a much more aggressive turning radius. This benefits Surfskates in many ways and offers some significant advantages over other types of boards: Feel and Flow When you're cruising on a longboard, you don't use a lot of upper-body movements. The opposite can be said about Surfskates. You use your entire body to generate the momentum to propel yourself forward - just like you would on a surfboard riding a wave. This extra effort and energy gives it a whole different fun-factor compared to regular cruising. More Control On a regular cruiser, going down a decline can be a bit difficult - especially for beginners. One way to decrease speed is by carving, but you can only carve as tightly as your board will allow. On a surf skate, you have more control. You can carve much tighter, allowing you to decrease your speed enough to go down even steep hills safely. The tight turning radius also gives you much more control while weaving in and out of tight spaces, or around obstacles. You don’t have to push (so much) As previously mentioned, pumping is the name of the game here, and once you have the rhythm down, there are few instances where you actually have to take your foot off the board to go forward. You simply ‘pump’ your board - even uphill. Yes, it’s a workout, but as long as you have the energy for it - and good concrete - you can just keep going and going and going and.... You get the point. ;-) On a longboard or cruiser, you travel linearly. The very tight turning radius of a Surfskate gives you a completely different, non-linear way to cruise - opening up many possibilities along the way. The one downside of Surfskates is that they’re not so stable at higher speeds. Who are Surfskates for? As the name implies, these boards are mostly used by surfers who wish to get their training done when they can’t get to the beaches. They’re also great for those wishing to have more control in urban environments - quickly weaving in and out between obstacles - or for those among you who want to try a great form of exercise. Surfskating burns a ton of calories, and your legs will be burning after each session. So if you’re looking for a fun, new workout routine, you’re on the right page. Whether you decide to get a Cruiser, a Surfskate, or a Longboard, we have a great selection available in our store. Check it out below. Thanks for reading! Till next time - Enjoy Riding the Endless Wave! TO THE BOARDS

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