Just what is Longboarding?

Simply put, Longboarding looks like riding on a longer and bigger skateboard.

It’s not that simple, however.  Just like there’s a big difference between cruising around town on a Mama-chari and a sports bike, Longboards are quite different from regular skateboards in almost every conceivable way.  First of all, they vary significantly in shape and size. Compared to skateboards, longboards are more stable, and have more traction and durability due to larger wheel size and lower wheel durometers.

Duro..what???  This word, which sounds like it come straight out of an engineer’s handbook simply means how soft the wheels are.  Skateboard wheels are usually quite hard, whereas Longboard wheels are much softer for a smoother, more comfortable ride.  

Why would you want a softer wheel?  

Well, if you’ve ever cruised down a street on a skateboard, you know that pebbles and cracks are your sworn enemies.  Not so on a longboard... They’ll roll right over the small pebbles and cracks like you’re floating on clouds.  Don’t believe us?  We dare you to buy one of our premium boards and find out for yourself.  

Size does matter!

Generally, a skateboard comes in between 28-34 inches long and 7-10 inches wide, while a longboard has a length of 35-60+ inches and a width of 9-10 inches.  What does all that mean for you?  Basically, Longboards are bigger, wider, and much more comfortable to ride.  

Many longboards use trucks (axles) that have different geometric parameters than skateboards.

Whaddy what now?  Who writes this stuff?  

Ok, technical jargon aside, basically it means Longboard trucks are wider and thus more stable, which means the ride is more comforable.  Notice a trend yet?  Longboards are like the limousines of the skate world.  Large, big, comfortable as hell and much easier to use.  For trucks, the rule of thumb is, the wider the trucks are, the more comfortable the ride.  

The Ride

There's a variety of longboard disciplines and corresponding types of longboards to choose from.


  • Cruising
  • Carving
  • Freestyle/Dancing
  • Freeride
  • Downhill
  • Long Distance Pushing

So what does all this mean for you? 

Very simply put, the wider turning radius of longboards, their stability, as well as their ability to coast long distances with much less effort than a skateboard makes them more suitable for cruising and commuting on streets compared to regular skateboards, which is why they’re ideal for the city - cruising along meandering paths, long walkways, and for quickly getting from point A to point B.  They’re also especially suited for exploring the countryside outside of the confines of the city and explore new places.  

So don’t wait!  Browse through our current collection and choose a board that’s just right for you to start surfing the endless wave in style.  

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