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Jucker Hawaii balance board Home Rider Ahi Iwi complete

¥23,666 ¥27,021

It is a complete set of board, balance cushion, tube and cork mat.

The front and back of the board are decorated with bamboo. The design is Hawaiian inspired and represents the Polynesian tiki.

The AHI IWI (Hawaiian for "Fire Bone") is perfectly sized like the rest of the home riders. This is important for getting used to the balance board and getting a stable feeling on it. Experts appreciate having space to try tricks.

The surface is treated with a clear non-slip surface for excellent grip.

AHI IWI is a form that attracts snowboarders, surfers, and of course skateboarders. But you don't have to be an athlete to train your balance, reflexes, and inner muscles with the Homelander.

Enjoy balance training at home or in the office.

*When using the roller, be sure to lay a mat or use it on a carpet to prevent slipping.

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